It can be used on all walkable areas, terraces, balconies, technical platforms, garden terraces, city squares, landscape areas, vehicular traffic of transit areas, under decks around the pools in any closed and open areas.

Application Area - Stone Application
SurPlot paver pedestals could be used with natural, composite stone, laminated ceramic tiles.

Application Area - Wood Application
SurPlot paver pedestals can be used with thermowood, composite and natural woods.

1. There is no need to use bonding material like a glue or plasters for this type of application.
2. It can be applied on floors that are leveled concrete and insulated. Because of joints on system, no water accumulates on the floors. Therefore, it is possible to prolong the economic life of the deck by eliminating water contact with the deck.
3. If there are any problems with regards to insulation or any kind of breakdowns (water electrical waste water installations…) it is easy to interfere the isolation layer at any time, because not using mortar for covering and the system is demounted.
4. There is no need to use mortar for covering, the process can be applied easily and fast, also it decreases the weight of materials on the floors and saves time. It is also possible to apply under any weather conditions.
5. The feature of SurPlot system allows for the use of any kind of materials no matter the thickness or dimensions. (For example, marble, granite, timber, tiles…) 6. It is also possible to remove elevation diffrences which occur due to the slope of concrete.
7. As the system is demountable, It is easy to access the space under the system.
8. The raw material of SurPlot paver pedestal is Polypropylene. The product is ecologic and recyclable